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Design & Technology


Design and Technology prepares children to deal with tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. It encourages children to become independent, imaginative and creative problem solvers and thinkers by developing a range of ideas and by making products. It enables them to identify needs and opportunities after reflecting on and evaluating past and present technology, it's uses and impacts. “Design is thinking made visual” Saul Bass

How we teach Design Technology at St John’s

At St John’s, we give children opportunities to practise practical skills in exciting and engaging hands on lessons which allows them to explore a range of tools and different mediums in order to design, make and evaluate a product fit for a purpose. In our DT curriculum children develop an understanding of a range of techniques through the different aspects - structure, mechanics, textiles and food and nutrition. Through our curriculum the children’s creativity and imaginations are nurtured and encouraged whilst learning the technical knowledge and skills needed to design and make purposeful products. Children are taught that there are no rules when it comes to ‘good’ design. It is individual and holds no limits.

We follow the Early Years curriculum and the National Curriculum. We have developed our own progression of knowledge and skills so that the children are constantly developing and improving their techniques throughout each aspect and year group.

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